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Homework 2nd December


In English we are going to look at existing instruction texts and discuss if these are fiction or non-fiction. We will also have a look at the features within instructions and the type of language used to make instructions clear. Towards the end of the week we will have a go at reading and following instructions to bake a gingerbread reindeer. Please have a go at designing a reindeer for when we come to decorating them, bring it in to show us as then we can share ideas. Can you bring in some examples of instruction texts that we could use within class?



We will be looking at doubling and halving this week and how one is the inverse or opposite of the other. We will be asking questions like if Paul has eaten half his plate of peas and now has 12 left how many did he start with, or I doubled my recipe for a cake and used 100g of flour. How much did the original recipe use? Asking lots of questions like these helps the children put the concept into real life and help them to understand it. Why not try some at home?



We will be designing and making a home for a toy this week using an electrical circuit to light it up. How do circuits work? Can you remember the symbols and how to draw one?


We are also doing lots of practising now for our Nativity. If you have lines to say please kep practising them at home in your loudest voice.


Mrs Hearson and Mrs Carr-Brion

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