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Homework Project

Thank you all for your wonderful research projects based on people who took part in the Second World War.

For your next task, we’d like you to think about how people on the Home Front supported the war effort by growing their own food, salvaging waste or making do and mending clothing or household items.

We’d like you to give a short talk about things you’ve done at home yourself that might fall into these categories.  Perhaps you’ve grown your own fruit or vegetables?  If so, you could bring in photographs to show and discuss with your classmates.  Maybe you could talk about recycling you carry out in your home?  Perhaps you have changed the use of a worn out or no longer needed object?  Be ready to talk about it!

Your spoken presentations should be ready to share on Thursday 2nd February and should last a couple of minutes.  We’ll be looking for clear, confident speaking so make sure you rehearse at home first!

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