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Homework Project

Your next homework project will have a P.E. theme. We would like you to write and lead a short warm-up activity of approximately five minutes for a P.E. lesson related to our current hockey unit. You could use existing ideas such as follow the leader or you could make up an activity for the whole class to attempt.

Please remember your warm-up must be active, easy to understand and involve the whole class. You may wish to write your activity in your homework book in preparation for leading it.

We would like this piece of homework to be completed for the week beginning the 20th March. Good luck!

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  1. Manon Reply

    Sounds very interesting! I can’t wait to tryout everyone else’s!

  2. charlotte Reply

    I have an idea! Can it be like something you have seen before

  3. Oscar Hamilton (school council) :-P Reply

    We don’t do many PE-based projects! This should be interesting (in a good way)!

  4. Ellen Reply

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas

  5. jasmine Reply

    i cant wait i going to do an energetic warm up for my homework project

  6. Jessie Reply

    I am looking forward to presenting the homework projects because they will be so amazing. 🙂

  7. Molly Reply

    wow that sounds so fun Im thinking of a game a bit like a cross between tag,bulldogs and octopus tag. This is such a creative homework i can’t wait to see everyones projects . 🙂

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