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Homework w/b 13th January


In English this week we will continue to look at non-fiction texts. We will look at existing non-fiction texts and try to write a paragraph for a non-fiction text. In addition to this, we will practise alphabetical ordering with rainforest words and look at the layout of a non-fiction page. Please keep bringing in non-fiction books that we can have a look at in the classroom! Can you write a paragraph of information about a rainforest animal?


In Maths this week we will be thinking about addition and in particular using empty number lines to find the answers to calculations. Can you make up some addition calculations and find the answer by using an empty number line? Remember to put the largest number at the beginning of the empty number line before you start. We will also look at capacity of different containers, reading scales and using non-standard units of measurement to find out how much liquid a container can hold.


This week we will look at where the major rainforests are in the world and use a map to identify these. Do some research to find out where the major rainforests are before our lesson! In science we will look at how celery can change colour and investigate why this might be so.

If you have any spare and old shirts we would love to have them to use as aprons within art.

Miss Plews.

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