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Homework w/b 20th January


In English this week we will think about alliteration and try to make up some of our own phrases. We will also use VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openings and punctuation) to improve sentences and paragraphs about the rainforest. In addition to this, we shall write our own questions and use existing texts to find out about rainforest animals. Please keep bringing in information texts about rainforests. Can you draw a picture of a rainforest animal and use VCOP to write about it?


In Maths this week we will be thinking about subtraction. We will be using the words taking away and find the difference as methods for finding the answers to subtraction calculations. Can you write down some subtraction calculations and find the answer? Bring these in to share at school. In addition to this, we will be using money. We will use addition to find totals and subtraction to find amounts of change. Can you create money calculations and find the answer? For example, if I bought a toy soldier for 15p and a rubber for 12p how much would I have spent? Bring it in to show us!


This week we are going to practise some ICT skills, we will be looking at sentences and changing the font, size and colour to make the sentences more eye-catching. In science we will learn about the animals within the rainforest and their adaptations which make it possible for them to live there. Please bring in pictures of rainforest animals that we could use within the lesson, what is special about these animals?

Miss Plews.

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