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Homework for week beginning 9th December 2013

Homework Class 2 – Week beginning 9th December 2013


In maths this week we will be looking at halving and doubling numbers in Year 1 and finding ‘one less’ or ‘one more’ than a given number in Reception. Both groups of children will be using function machines as a way of investigating what is happening to the numbers. Why not try investigating doubling/halving or taking one away/adding one on using real objects? In class last week, the children looked at how cup-cakes could be shared between two hungry bears!


Last week, Class 2 had its very own ‘Bake Off’ and the results were certainly impressive! This week, the children will be carrying on with their work on instruction texts by writing instructions for making a cup-cake. The children all enjoyed finding and sharing examples of ‘bossy’ words (imperatives), such as ‘mix’, ‘whisk’ and ‘stir,’ which are used to tell the reader what to do. It might be fun to share giving instructions (using ‘bossy’ words, of course!) for things you enjoy doing, making or playing at home. Can you find any instructions around the house, such as in recipe books, toy packaging or board game rules?


We are continuing to look at toys and will be linking it to our science topic on electricity. Can you remember how a circuit works, Year 1? Can you design a toy that uses electricity?

Our topic work is continuing and blending into a Christmas theme. Our role play area will become an elves workshop. Do you have any boxes (all shapes) or some spare wrapping paper please?  Any contributions welcome.

Handwriting Books

The new handwriting books were sent home at the beginning of this week. We’d really like to know what you thought of them and how you got on.


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