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Homework (Y1)

Week beginning Monday 25th November
Please see attached sheet for internet games to play at home to support your child’s learning.
In English we will be continuing to talk about ‘Superheroes ‘. The children will be improving their designs of their own superhero and thinking about and writing about how their superhero moves e.g. Do they have special transport? We’ll also be developing our listening skills by playing games with sounds and words (in phonic phase groups).
This week will be continuing to work on division and multiplication problems by sharing into equal groups and combing groups of objects. Can you solve this problem, if one crayon box has 2 crayons in each? How many crayons would be in 5 boxes? Repeat with 5 and 10 crayons in each box and use objects to help.
This week we’d like to compare old and new toys. You could ask an adult you know well to describe their favourite toy when they were young. What was it made from? Old toys were often made with different materials than those of today. Use the attached sheet for this please.
Many Thanks,
Mrs Horner

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