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Jon Cotton – PTA Co-Chair


We finally managed to pin Jon down this morning and presented him with £50 worth of vouchers for The House of Trembling Madness (which we raised by doing an ‘Ices sale’ stall back in November) this was a thank you for his work on the PTA Committee as Co-Chair from everyone at the school.

Just as another reminder of Jon’s work:

Jon was Co-Chair for a total of 7 years which is an amazing length of time. Jon (along with Siona Mackelworth) saved the PTA all of those years ago as there was no committee to take it over. He willingly came forward as co chair and introduced the idea of Grovestock soon after, which has been a huge success. Jon has also transformed school discos with his brilliant DJ Bang skills and with his knowledge of business development and branding, he helped to transform the PTA. A massive thank you to his wife Sarah Cotton too who has supported Jon in his (sometimes crazy) co chair role. Sarah has also helped to develop the beauty stall as well as cooking amazing chillis for the school discos/fairs. Both have given generously to all events offering raffle prizes from their successful Bang Hair company situated in High Petergate and Bishopthorpe Rd.

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