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Keeping Healthy

Today in science we learnt how to keep healthy.


Can you remember the different things we need to do to stay healthy?

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  1. Charlotte Reply

    don’t lisen to radio 1, it is too loud.
    a broken arm is not good, but not as bad as a broken leg

    • class4 Reply

      My children like capital which I think is even louder!!

  2. Annie Reply

    you need to sleep and have vitamins and healthy fruit
    exasis is good. Tooday I enjoyed making lots of yummy food.

  3. Mrs chambers Reply

    Wow, class 4 are not only fantastic artists, but they’re great designers too. Their keeping healthy posters were amazing.

    • Pujani Perera Reply

      Eat lots of fruits and vegetables,less sweets, More sleep,and try to be happy always.

  4. Holly Clark Reply

    Get lots of sleep. Eat healthy food. Get exercise. keep clean. Be Happy.

  5. Beatrice King Reply

    I need 10 or 11 hours sleep a night to keep healthy. When you exercise you can feel your heart beating harder which means it is getting stronger.

  6. Isidora Reply

    Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, wash your hands a lot, especially if you have just been to the loo. Don’t watch hours of TV. Get lots of sleep and exercise.

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