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KS2 Cooking Projects

This term Key Stage 2 have a new topic, Football Focus, and each class are exploring this theme through studying a different country that are, or have been, involved in the World Cup. One of the first things we all wanted to explore was the food from that country. See below to find out more!


Class 5 – Yorkshire Picnic

As part of our DT lessons, the children spent the afternoon making typical Yorkshire food. We prepared a very tasty Parkin, scones with Wensleydale cheese and Yorkshire rhubarb squash. Since the sun was shining we could not resist a picnic so everyone enjoyed their food outside!

Class  6 – Russian Food

The children worked in culinary teams to make a typical Russian dish. They made a healthy salad, soup, biscuits and a spicy, warm honey drink. There were mixed responses when they tried the food but the majority of the class tried most of the food they had created. It was a really fun start to the day!


Class 7 – Brazilian Food

Class 7 made two traditional Brazilian dishes – Pao de Queijo (cheesy bread) and Brigadeiro (chocolate truffles). We had lots of fun cooking and eating the food, although the truffles didn’t go quite to plan!


Class 8  – Budini Independenti Buns

Class 8 planned and created their own Budini Independenti buns to commemorate Liberation Day (Festa della Liberazione) which is celebrated annually in Italy on April 25th.


Class 9 – Balkan (Serbian) Vanilice

In Class 9, we were keen to find out a little about the food in Serbia, which although looks very tasty, seemed a little hard to cook here at school! However, the Balkan region where we have found out Serbia is situated, is known for some little vanilla sandwich cookies called Vanilice, so we tried baking our own – and they were absolutely delicious!!

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