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Layer that rainforest!

Hi all,

I thoroughly enjoyed marking you work about the layers of the rianforest from this afternoon. Some children had done some beautiful illustrations! The layers of the rainforest were canopy, forest floor, emergent layer and the understory; what order did these go in? Happy solving 🙂

Miss Plews.

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  1. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    Is your topic rain forests Miss Plews?

    • class3 Reply

      Yes it is and we are loving it! How is your new topic Manon?

      Miss Plews.

  2. Becca Reply

    good afternoon miss plews

    I know what order it goes in.
    The forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer.

    I hope I am right..

    😉 xx

    • class3 Reply

      That is perfect Becca and thank you for blogging! I hope you had a lovely weekend and I shall see you in the morning 🙂

      Miss Plews.

  3. class4 Reply

    We are loving the rainforest topic in class 4 too. I have learnt so much too!

    Mrs Hearson

  4. Ms Lamb Reply

    I’m so sorry I haven’t said so already but I just wanted to say how amazing ‘the rainforest’ is which you made on Enrichment Day. I know all the children from Early Years and Key Stage 1 contributed to it but it ‘grew’ in Class 3 so I’m putting my comment here. It looks beautiful and each time I look at it I see something new! Well done everyone, can’t wait to see the ‘fruits of you labour’ this half term!
    Ms Lamb

  5. dylan Reply

    I think it’s the forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer.

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