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Library Makeover!

In September 2021, our beloved Park Grove library was given a makeover. 
The school library now contains lots of comfy and snug reading areas and the children have told us that the new library is ‘amazing’! 
All of our books have been organised into boxes by genre, theme/subject or by author. The purpose behind this is to expose our children to the vast array of books we are very fortunate to own in our library and encourage the children to try different books, rather than always sticking to the same type. It also helps teachers in the teaching of certain subjects, for example if a specific topic is being studied such as the Romans, Roman books (both fiction and non-fiction are held together). Classes alternate their boxes around every half term and between classes more frequently. Children borrow books to take home from their class boxes and are taught the importance of respecting books by looking after them at home. Books are returned once children have read them and are swapped for another book. 
Within the library there are additional books that have not been categorised into boxes so that when each class visits the library on their timetabled day, the children can enjoy other books in the relaxing and calm environment or perhaps listen to their teacher read to them as reading for pleasure is one of our highest priorities as a school.
In July 2021 we launched our ‘Book Plate Initiative’. Our Park Grove families were asked to donate books to the school library from lists of books our children asked for. The response was very generous and successful. The library gained an array of inspiring books for the children to enjoy for many years to come.
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