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Macbeth Homework Projects

Some of you have already brought in your wonderful Macbeth Art projects and I’m so excited to see them all! What have YOU chosen to do for your project?

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  1. Bethan (School council) Reply

    A wooden sword and a sword belt!

    • Max.P Reply

      I hope you don’t go slicing people’s heads off!

      • Bethan (school council) Reply

        Maybe maybe not!

  2. Leila Reply

    Witch finger puppets! 🙂

    • Bethan (school council) Reply

      Leila that sounds great!

  3. Amy Reply

    I’m bringing my homework in on Friday I think you might like it but if you do say my self I’m not very good at drawing but I bet I will love yours.

  4. Caleb Reply

    I âme doing a painting of Macbeth !)

  5. Ellie Reply

    I have chose sewing project and I can’t wait to show it.

  6. Maximus Rigby Reply

    For my homework i chose to do a portrait of Macbeth using pastels.

  7. Edward Reply

    I am doing the witches around the cauldron with the background and full detail. I have done the sketching and now i’m doing the colouring.

  8. Nikoo Reply

    I am doing a guess who bag!

  9. Euan Reply

    I am drawing a design of a cake which has stuff from Macbeth then I will bake it and i might need some help.

  10. ellie Reply

    i am making a cushion with the three witches around the cauldron.

  11. Lydia Reply

    I’m drawing a picture of Macbeth and Maduff fighting as the Burnham Wood closes in and also I’m writing an acrostic poem on Macduff. 🙂

  12. Katie Reply

    I am doing Lady Macbeth in clay 🙂 🙂

  13. Morgan Reply

    I have done a drawing of the three witches around the caldron.

  14. Amira Reply

    I have done Lady Macbeth’s eye in a newspaper collage on canvas 😀

  15. darby Reply

    im doing a witch mask

  16. Max.P Reply

    I’m doing a large poster with scenes from the play all around King Macbeth in the middle!

  17. piran Reply

    im doing a drawing on macduff in camoflarge but with real leaves and materials

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