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Make us happy homework

Lilliana wrote a poem about everyone in class

Hello class seven, how do you do?

I’ve written this poem just for you,


First on the list is Allison, Holly,

She looks like my favourite dolly,


Next on my list we have Sasha,

Wow, she really is a dasher,


Next, here, we have Mackenzie,

Oh, is he a sight to see,


Now I have put down Robby,

Would you like a cup of tea?


Next up is Thomas C,

Have you ever seen the sea?


Now I will present Geogi,

She likes dogs, especially Corgis’.


Next, I have put down Jake,

Who likes to eat my chocolate cake,


Now to talk about Emma,

She never has a dilemma,


Next, I’ve written Kyran,

He could be a fireman,


After him I’ve put down me, Lilli,

And I can be very silly!


After me I’ve written Jaimie,

And trust me; she is not lazy,


Now we come to Ade,

She’s the opposite of a baddy,


Now to tell you about Martina,

And I know she’s not a ballerina,


Next I’ve put down Eddy,

Who is always steady,


Now it’s Zuzanna,

Which rhymes with banana,


After her comes in Joseph,

Who is not moanive,



Could become a sailor,


This other Tom,

He want’s a bomb,



Is such a tickler,


And Dan,

Likes jam.



Knows the answer,



Likes to pow me,



Has her front door key,



Could be a Duke,


And Lucas,

He’s not a verruca,


But Dom,

He shout’s out stuff that makes my head go ‘Bomb!’


Now Olivia,

We don’t want you to move to Bolivia!


And Kyle,

You’re not vile,



She looks good in a Bloomer,



She’s such a dear,


And Khai,

He does love pie,


Oh, now to finish with Mr Staite,

He’s the teacher that’s really great!


By Lilliana Etheridge, aged 10, year 5, class 7.


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  1. Lilliana Reply

    yay me!

  2. nikoo Reply

    That is amazing! Can’t belive you did that!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Bethan (school council) Reply

    That is the best poem EVER

  4. Emma Reply

    How cool is that!!!!!!!

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