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Marble champions

With great excitement, the winners of this week’s marble challenge were revealed… It was the green team! Well done to all the children in the green team for trying your best with your work, making good choices and helping each other. The competition was close, though, so if you are in the blue, red or yellow teams, you could just as easily be our champions for next week.

The children really enjoyed playing ‘guess my shape’ this week and learnt the name of a new shape. The shape has 5 sides and 5 corners. What is it called? Children, can you challenge someone at home to guess your shape?

Have a fantastic weekend from all the staff in Class 2!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Well done green team! What was your prize?
    Which team will win next week….

    Mrs Rathmell.

  2. Miss Sawyer Reply

    That is fabulous news Green Team! Well done!

  3. Miss Sky. Reply

    Already, the marbles are mounting up, I certainly enjoyed seeing some of the work produced yesterday morning. You are doing really well…


  4. Miss Sawyer Reply

    So who is in the lead this week?

  5. Bethan (School council) Reply

    well done green team but I’m 100% positive all of you tried very hard and did very well!

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