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Marshmallow Challenge!

Before the Easter holidays, I had a lovely afternoon with all of the children in class 7.

One of the challenges I gave the children was to make a construction from marshmallows and spaghetti!

They were all really up for the challenge and made some fantastic constructions.

I thought I’d add the photos of their work for you all to look at!

It was brilliant!

Mr Hodge.P1040588 P1040587 P1040586 P1040585 P1040584 P1040583 P1040582 P1040581 P1040580 P1040579 P1040578 P1040577 P1040576 P1040575 P1040574 P1040573 P1040572 P1040571 P1040570 P1040569 P1040568

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  1. Jaimie Reply

    I really enjoyed it and at the end we got to eat the marshmallows.

    • class7 Reply

      Really glad you enjoyed it Jaimie!

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