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Marvellous Measuring…

On Wednesday afternoon, Class 8 undertook a scientific investigation in groups about shoe sizes. Each group chose a specific question, planned, measured and wrote up their investigation with some very interesting findings!


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  1. Cora Wareh Reply

    I really enjoyed this activity as it was very scientific and fun!

  2. Sophie Reply

    I really enjoyed this scientific experiment and look forward to doing more next term.

  3. Annabelle.M Reply

    This was very fun it was enjoyable and fun!

  4. reuben Reply

    I really enjoyed this activity too, Cora.

  5. Betsy Reply

    I really enjoyed it and especially liked the planning part. I loved setting it out in all the different catagories and also the part when we actually measured the feet!

  6. Marcus Reply

    Hmmm… the results certainly surprised me!

  7. Isidora Reply

    I am obsessed with measuring feet! 6.6

  8. Ella! Reply

    This lesson was really fun because we got to do our own investigation.

  9. millie rose larbey Reply

    I loved this activity because class8 and class9 worked together to make a scientific answer.

  10. rosa Reply

    This was really fun!

  11. lucia Reply

    the science investigation was great.Our group managed to complete the task successfully.

  12. Sophia Reply

    This activity was super and I loved doing an experiment!

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