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My Maths and Pink day reminders…

Remember your My Maths homework is due in this Thursday.

Who has done it already this weekend?

If you haven’t completed your other tasks, please can you make sure you do them before the end of the week.

On Tuesday, we are wearing something pink for Breast Cancer Research. Please remember to bring in your 50p donation.

What pink item will you be wearing on Tuesday?

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  1. Ella Reply

    I’m going to wear pink leggings,pink top,pink socks,pink face paint,pink lipstick,pink headband,pink nails. I think that you are going to wear a tie or a t-shirt. Are first piece of my maths homework the number line was terrible.Can we have a picture taken of us in pink including you. Bet the boys will be funny.

  2. Millie Reply

    I am going to ware a pink top a pink jacket some pink socks and maybe just maybe I will have pink trousers!!!!!!!!!! I don’t actually like pink but I will try my best. I think you are going to ware a pink pinstripe top and a sort of a red and purple type colour tie. I wonder what the boys are going to ware!!!

  3. Naia Reply

    I`m going to wear pink shoes,pink jacket…
    I think you are going to wear a pink tie or a pink link on your jumper.
    I have done my maths I have enjoyed them a lot.

  4. Sophie Reply

    For pink day I’m going to wear pink jeans,pink top,pink socks and pink nails.
    I think you Mr.Mastrelli are going to wear a pink shirt and maybe a pink tie.
    Mr.Mastrelli are you going to bring a 50p in? It will be funny to find out what the boys are going to wear especily you Mr.Mastrelli.

  5. Manon Reply

    I have done the MyMaths homework and it was quite easy for me. I am probably going to wear purple trousers, a pink t-shirt, a pink hairband, and a pink jacket.My dad has a dark pink t-shirt! Are you going to wear a pink tie or jackety thing in the morning tomorrow?

  6. Sophie Reply

    Just then before tea I did the mymaths homework. The mymaths homework was quite hard at first because I didn’t know what it was but then my mum helped me to understand and then it was quite easy.

  7. Lucas Reply

    did you enjoy pink day!

  8. Millie Reply

    on my maths I kept putting the numbers the rong way round

  9. Lewkas Reply

    I really enjoyed myself on pink day , with a feathery boe round my neck!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I also did my Mymaths homework!It was very fun!

  10. Gail Holt Reply

    I enjoyed seeing all the chldren going to school wearing pink! …. and it was a fun way to contribute to a very worthwhile cause.

    The MyMaths homework is an interesting and great way for the children to learn, and a good way for them to improve their keyboard skills.

  11. class4 Reply

    I’m really sad I was away on pink day. I hope you took some photos Mr Mastrelli.

    • Mr Mastrelli Reply

      Yes I did actually. We have a Class 5 photo with everyone in pink in my classroom! I am hoping to put it on the website very soon…

  12. MANI Reply

    I enjoyed pink day and I still can’t believe I found something pink in my wardrobe. I think that £25 went to a good cause. Please could we have another Countdown blog?

  13. Freddie Reply

    pink day was great!

  14. Helen Reply

    done the my maths homework

  15. Sophie Reply

    I did the mymaths homework yesterday.

  16. Manon Reply

    I did the mymaths homwork a few days ago Mr Mastrelli!

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