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We have been working on using time connectives in English this week. Can any of you write a couple of sentences using the time connective ‘meanwhile’ properly? – Miss Land

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  1. Oscar Reply

    (This is real) I watched TV meanwhile my Dad cooked sausages.

    • class6 Reply

      Well done Oscar, a real use of the word this weekend! – Miss Land

      • Oscar Hamilton Reply

        Thank you Miss Land.

  2. Alexander Reply

    The King was lounging lazily in his bed meanwhile the Queen was doing the housework!

    • class6 Reply

      I like the alliteration – ‘lounging lazily’ Alexander! Perfect use of ‘meanwhile’ too! I can see Henry VIII being lazy while one of his wives tidied up around him! – Miss Land.

      • Oscar Hamilton Reply

        WOW you’re doing that late!

    • Oscar Hamilton Reply

      Bit lazy of the king!

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