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The children started mindfulness colouring today in order to help them relax and be calm. They listened to chill out music whilst being creative which was soothing. Did you enjoy this activity Class 6?

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  1. Hannah Ho and Alice Driscoll

    HELLO!!Miss Land this was very nice i did not know that you took a picture of me ha ha!
    Miss land this was very relaxing and was fun i did not know took a picture of Hannah Ho!!
    From Alice

    Very fun and i would like to do it again!!
    From Hannah and Alice Driscoll the wonderful children in class 6!

  2. Ceri

    I loved it, it’s so peacefull?

  3. Ceri

    It is very peacefull

  4. Abigail

    I love it because it’s so quiet and peaceful and l don’t get a headache ?

  5. Olive

    I really like the colouring it is so relaxing ?

  6. Annie

    I enjoyed the mindfulness colouring. it was very peaceful ?