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Grovestock 4
A huge thank you once again for everyone’s support and contributions to Grovestock 4 which made this a lovely community event. It was great to see so many people chilling out on picnic blankets ‘festival style’ and enjoying the music.
Can we say a big congratualations to class 3 who raised the most on the raffle ticket sales and brought in a whopping £122. (Class 1 were second place and Class 9 in third place). Class 3 are all coming down to the ice cream stall later today for a mini ice cream fest to celebrate their success.
The total amount of profit raised at Grovestock was £3295 (this was an extra £630 compared to last year’s profit – wow!).
Thank you for all of the bags which were brought in during an extremely busy week. We made a profit of £64.
Freezy Fridays
As always, this is also a lovely community event and your continuing support is appreciated. Since September, we have made a profit of £430. We have Freezy Friday today as usual and next week ice creams will be sold on freezy Thursday (as we break up at 12pm on Friday for our sizzling summer).
What are the PTA funds used for?
The funds are used to pay towards trips and various experiences for the children e.g. theatre trips, the recent KS 1 and 2 trips, and the coaches to high adventure (in September).  We ensure that there are books for the starters and leavers and every child receives a book from Santa. The PTA have paid for various items for the school grounds so that the children can not only enjoy these facilites, but also be involved in their development – eg the building and painting of the fencing around the outdoor classroom garden, planting flowers by the pond. Funds bought ingredients so that KS2 could do some cooking during enrichment day. Our cupbard is full of christmas crackers ready for Christmas dinner. All in all, not only do PTA funds create expereinces for the children, it supports activities at school which gives that extra edge, shine and sparkle to everyone’s experience at Park Grove. We believe this makes Park Grove a very unique, creative and expressive place to be.
Thank you once again for all of your help and support.
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