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Our New Class Governor

We’re thrilled to welcome Mr Furey as our new Class Governor. We’ve been writing letters to introduce ourselves and will be posting them on our blog very soon. Watch this space!

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I’m so excited to be teaching Class 8 tomorrow!

  2. Brian Furey Reply

    well, hurry up with those letters! I’m looking forward to reading them.

    I hope to join you this Friday for the The Young Shakespeare Company interactive performance of Macbeth or ‘The Scottish Play’ as it is referred to in theatres!

    see you all Friday!


    • leo Reply

      We can`t rush them they need to be perfect for our first impression

    • Max Rigby Reply

      We are done Mr Furey!

    • Caleb Reply

      I can’t wait to see you at the play on friday!! !P

  3. Bethan (school council) Reply

    We have mr Fletcher i think it is a great idea!

  4. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I am really enjoying my English lessons with you, class 8! Thank you for working so hard!

    • Ellie & Lauren Reply

      We are really enjoying your lessons and hope you can teach us more often. 😉

  5. Ellie & Lauren Reply

    Dear Mr Furey
    We are delighted that you are our class governor; we hope you enjoy coming into our class and meeting us all. We all have a lot of fun in class 8 and I’m sure you will too!

    All day, every day Ms Campbell will have something fun in store for us, also one of our favorite thing in English was designing, and writing, our own newspapers.

    We are wondering what your thoughts are on class 8?If you like fun, Children trying hard and smiles, then this is the right class for you!

    Your sincerely,
    Ellie P & Lauren M

  6. Darby & Amira Reply

    Dear Mr. Furey,
    We are writing to you to tell you how excited we are about you being assigned our class governor.
    Our class is an incredible and amusing place,especially with Ms. Campbell teaching us, it is impossible not to enjoy class 8.
    The best way to describe he pupils would be : entertaining ,positive(most of the time) humorous,cheerful and we always produce stupendous work. Everything that happens in our class is fun because we have a fantastic atmosphere.
    We are delighted to welcome you to out heavenly classroom. Hopefully you will enjoy our class as much as we do.
    Are you excited to be our class governor? Because we are happy to meet you as well as for you to be part of out special class.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Amira & Darby.

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