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Now That’s What I Call A Super Skype!

On Wednesday morning, the whole of Key Stage 2 were fortunate enough to have a very special Skype conversation with a real life archeologist, who works at Dig in York. He spoke about his job with a clear focus on findings from Ancient Britain, to link with our current topic.

About the Author
  1. Cora

    I enjoyed this activity and wonder what is done with the different discoveries.

  2. Sophie

    I thought the skype was very interesting and it was fun to find out about the different artefacts that archeologists find on their sites.

  3. Betsy

    I found the assembly very interesting and learnt lots of fact about archeologists jobs and what they do.

  4. pujani

    That was a really interesting skype!

  5. Ella!

    It was a very super skype. I love the digging thing which shows the different layers of eras!