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Percentage Fact Webs…

On Monday morning, Class 8 learnt about how to make logical links between numbers to calculate percentage amounts with greater ease. They produced magnificent fact webs showing these links clearly and on the whole successfully!


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  1. Sophie

    The percentage fact webs were very informative and taught me about logical links that I can make.

  2. Laura Allison

    I really liked completing and expanding our percentage fact webs. Here’s a fact:
    10 percent of 360 is 36

  3. Reuben

    This was a very fun lesson all about percentages

  4. joe

    I loved this activity and felt confident with it and percentages are now one of my favourite maths ariers

  5. Elliot lawrence

    This was one of the best maths lessons I’ve ever done! I like
    the way you can set it out as a fact web.

  6. millie rose larbey

    This percentage work really made me understand about that percentages is not that hard if you put your mind to it.

  7. Sophia

    This was a very valuabale session and I am already using the knowledge that I got from it, to be much quicker in my percentages.

  8. Lucas

    The percentage fact web has made me increase my confidence on percentages

  9. Isidora

    Percentages are mean.They shall haunt me for life.

  10. Betsy

    I found a lot of logical links in this lesson and they will help me when we are solving word problems.

  11. H@rley N

    The percentage web has helped me learn more of percentage and now doing problems its all started to make sense i never used to do percentage work but now
    Feel Confident

  12. Ella!

    Great picture of me! Yeah, this lesson was really interesting about finding percentages.

  13. Annabelle.M

    This was a fun activity as it helped me learn percentages!:)

  14. Mollie

    I am proud of mine and Sophia’s work in this session as we got on the Maths Working Wall! It was a really fun session which I would like to do again one day.

  15. Cora

    I enjoyed this and it helped me be aware of how much you can do using only a few simple mathamatical facts. The activity was one of my favourite ones.