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PG Playground Buddies

This year, we have changed the way our Playground Buddy system works which all came from our pupils’ feedback at a school council meeting at the end of last year. We now have two Playground Buddies from classes 2-9 to help support other children during breaktimes and lunchtimes. Miss Slater and Miss Ford spent the half term before Christmas training up our Playground Buddies ready to start in this Spring term!

Thoughout the training, the Buddies developed their understanding of the skills and qualities needed to be effective in their role as well as working as a team during a range of activities. Within teams, they explored different types of scenarios they may have to deal with as PG Buddies and how to deal with them i.e can they diffuse the situation themselves, would they need support and when to tell an adult.  Other activities also included working together to decide on whether different scenarios fit into the catergory of ‘safe’, ‘not safe’, ‘fair’ or ‘unfair. They were even given a ‘task at home’ sheet to complete with an adult – showing real responsibility and dedication for their roles as Playground Buddies here at school.

Our PG Playground Buddies are now fully trained, have been awarded their red sashes and have started in their roles at breaktimes and lunchtimes. Well done to them all!

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