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Retrieving and Presenting…

On Wednesday morning, we learnt about The Secrets of Stonehenge . In pairs, the children retrieved and presented information about different sections to other children in the class.


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  1. Reuben Reply

    This was a very good lesson which enabledd me to know lots of fun facts about Stonehenge 🙂

  2. Sophia Reply

    This was an awesome session! I learnt alot from it including all about the Amesbury Archer and how he had a most facinating skeleton!

  3. Lucas Reply

    I really enjoyed the lesson about stonehenge.

  4. Isidora Reply

    I enjoyed that but accidently missed out the first question. Oops!

  5. Sophie Reply

    I think me and my partner/group delved deep into discussion and thought thoroughly about the questions.

  6. Ella! Reply

    I really enjoyed this lesson and found it really interesting. They had big stones weighing about 4 tons on rafts down a lake! I don’t understand how it didn’t sink?!

  7. Marcus Reply

    Stonehenge is very interesting it is a big mystery really although I’m slowly coming round to being an expert on it

  8. Betsy Reply

    My partner and I turned Stonehenge into a party venue and I liked this lesson as it let us express our creativity.

  9. Mollie Reply

    I learnt alot from this task and it was really fun!

  10. george Reply

    I really enjoyed this lesson,I absolutely love the Stone Age!

  11. Laura Allison Reply

    I really liked the glossary in this piece of work as it allowed me to find out some new words about the Stone Age!

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