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Do you know your lines?

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  1. Erin Reply

    Yes I do! I’m really enjoying myself!

  2. George Reply

    I now know my lines after practicing at home.

  3. mae Reply

    yeah, its really fun!!!

  4. Jasmine Reply


  5. mae Reply

    yeah, its awesome!!!

  6. Melo Reply

    I know all my off by heart and I’ve nearly learnt all my lines 😀

  7. Bethan (Co - chair of School council) Reply

    Very nearly I just need to study the very last minstrel song but only the first line of it because I know the rest!

  8. William Reply

    Sure i do i’m really enjoying it!

  9. William(school council) Reply

    yes i know almost all of my lines 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😉

  10. Marshall Reply

    yeh I remember my lines and the song HOTSHOTTEAM!!!! 😀

  11. Katy Reply

    I don’t have any lines to learn but I know when I come on though!! 🙂

  12. libby Reply

    I know my song & I just need to remember when to come in and hide behind the TREE.

  13. Jaydon Reply

    I know most of my lines.

  14. Sam Reply

    I know all my lines! I don’t have any!

  15. Ava Reply

    I don’t have to learn any lines but i need to know when my cue is. : D

  16. Ava Reply

    I don’t have to learn any lines but i need to know when my cue is. 😀

  17. Aidan Reply

    I have ! 😀

  18. Klaudia Reply

    I know when I have to go because I don’t have anything to say and I’m enjoying myself when I’m singing !

  19. abby Reply

    yes i know when i go on and i know my lines for the songs but i don’t actually have a speaking line!

  20. Isabella Reply

    Very nearly just studdying the last song Marry me and the Medley!

  21. robert Reply

    I know all of my lines,i only have one!:D

  22. Molly Reply

    i don’t have any lines so i’m fine and i know all the songs too! 🙂

  23. Nicole Reply

    sort of… its hard cos they’re scattered everywhere- I can usually learn lines really fast!

  24. Robert M Reply

    It’s tough being a jailer. it’s hard not to repeat yourself in the punishments you deal out. Also I was shaking in front of everyone. I wonder how hard it will be in front of people I do not know.

  25. Thomas Reply

    I only have one line but I’m on stage a lot and I need to learn some songs.

  26. Miss Sawyer Reply

    What a lot of comments today!!! Well done Class 9

  27. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Robert M…. No need to be worried!!! You were fabulous in the dance yesterday …. A real star!

  28. Nicole Reply

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  29. Bethan (School councill) Reply


  30. Oleg Reply

    Yes I learnt my lines

  31. Samuel Reply

    Every last one didn’t even practice and have three lines.

  32. Robert M Reply

    I don’t have any lines but I have to do a dance using body language.

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