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Save the Planet

In Key Stage 2 our topic this term is Save the Planet, so we have been focussing all about the Earth and what we can do to ensure we are looking after it!

Classes 5 and 6 have been learning about plastic pollution. The children creatively wrote about the journey of one plastic bag from the start of its life at the supermarket, to it ending up in a river, its adventure through the oceans and finally landing as litter on a beach. The children are writing letters to our local MP, Rachael Maskell about the issue.

Class 7 have learnt all about a famous artist called Pablo Picasso. They first researched Picasso to learn a bit more about him and they created a presentation with their findings – they had to include cubism in their research and explain what it meant! They then designed their own Picasso-inspired portraits on paper, where they had to include elements of cubism in their work. They are finishing off by creating a Picasso portrait sculpture using recyclable materials – with a focus on building up layers of their facial features using different materials, such as plain card, corrugated card, bubble wrap, matchsticks, polystyrene pieces, funky foam, straws – anything they had access to that might otherwise be thrown away!

In classes 8 and 9, they’ve also been making 3D artistic sculptures using recycled materials. The children collected their own materials from home and designed their own sculpture to use as many different recycled materials as possible. After the important researching and designing stage, they then made them and the results are amazing!

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