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School Council Minutes 2.4.19


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  • What should the target for the summer term be?
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  • What should the target for the summer term be?

Class 7 – sit on your chair properly, listen and respect teachers, children and other adults in and outside school.

Class 5 – use polite manners, make friendships strong, be kind to yourself

Class 6 – no fighting, play fighting, no swearing etc. Be kind, no teasing, respect school property, play football nicely, no shouting out

Class 4 – good manners at lunch, be quiet in the lunch hall, kind hand and feet, be kind to everyone, don’t interrupt, play safely so  they don’t get hurt, tell the teacher when someone is upsetting you

Class 9 – if you haven’t anything nice to say don’t say it, stay focussed and don’t shout out, stick to the core values, no play fighting and respect the playground, be sensible around school, no chair swinging

Class 8 – behaviour in the dinner hall and outside, treat and respect school property, general behaviour in and out of class, noise level at lunch time,


Play safely when outside and respect the instructions of all adults; the first time you are asked.

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