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School Council Minutes 24.1.17



·         Register

·         New Officials

·         Use of the attendance bears

·         Christmas Fair money





·         Use of the attendance bears


The school council were pleased to note that their comment about the attendance bears had been received well by Miss Slater and Miss Sawyer and the attendance bears are now given to the class with the most improved attendance.


·               Christmas Fair Money

Many suggestions came in for how the money should be spent

o   Tiles for the gym roof

o   A chalk board outside

o   More Roald Dahl books

o   More books in the library

o   Sports equipment

o   Dressing up costumes

o   Language books for the library

o   Chapter books

o   Trips

o   Maths and English books

o   Seeds for the garden project

After discussion it was decided that Mrs Steel would look into the chalk board, books and seeds ideas.



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