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School Council Minutes 30.1.18


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  • Christmas Fair – what should we spend the money raised on?
  • Next meeting – 9am February 20th




  • Christmas Fair – what should we spend the money on?

Fixing the fountain in the upstairs girls and boys toilets (year 6/5 and 3/4)

Try and get more headphones

Wet break equipment board games for each class like Pirate Lego!

Bring back flapjack

Cooking club

New basketball hoop in a new location

More books for classes

Tennis club

New book stands to keep books up straight

Plant seeds for more outside plants

Books for each class!

More Water bottles and no chewing

Book swap every term instead of buying the books

Software updates for the ipads and chrome books

More diverse books for the library

More clocks for maths

More stickers and stamps

More dress up costumes

More outdoor equipment

Share the money between classes so they can choose

Photo of people with good attitude on the good work board


  • Next meeting 20th February

What play time equipment do you have?

What would you like?

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