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Sharing our Musical Homework

We’ve had a fabulously musical time in Class 7 and the sounds of Bizet, Dave Brubeck and Pharrell Williams (amongst others) have been drifting from our classroom.  We’ve shared classical, jazz, rock and pop and have had some tremendous instrumental performances, powerpoint presentations and poems.  Class 7, which presentations did you find most surprising or enjoyable and why?

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  1. Sara Reply

    i really enjoyed everyone’s homework project especially Helen’s and Betsy’s.

  2. Scarlet Reply

    I really enjoyed Sophia’s homework because it was very funny.

  3. Betsy and Lewkas Reply

    Lewkas: I loved Sophia’s piece of music because it was extremly funny!

    Betsy: When I listened to Sophia’s and Masha’s music as they made me feel happy and excited.

  4. Oscar ( school council) ;D Reply

    Sophia’s homework I particularly enjoyed, a blob to two blobs to a jellyfish to a fish to a lizard, and then came a blizzard, then the lizard changed to a shrew to a monkey to an ape to a human! The rhythm and tempo (tempo means speed) was good because there was a mix of types of different types of notes (e.g. crochet, minim) and it got faster as it changed into different animals. ;P 😀

  5. Millie Reply

    I enjoyed Helen’s homework as it was clever how she mixed up the words and it still made sense.

  6. Jade Reply

    I liked Masha’s homework because she brought in a christmas tree that danced to rocking around the christmas tree.

  7. Louie+Helen Reply

    Our favorite performance was Lucy’s and Chelsea because it was funny and entertaining.Our favorite song was there was a blob because it was funny and jolly.

  8. Mollie (school council) Reply

    My favourite piece of music was Sophia’s because it is very funny and informative. Harvey’s piece of music reminded me of my great granny.

  9. Joshua Reply

    I liked the piece of music that Harry chose (The chase.)because it was very cool!:) :):P

  10. ben bran/joe Reply

    Ben:I liked Mashas because it was very joyful and exiting.

    Joe:I liked Mashas because it was a Christmas song and it was very lively.

  11. M@NI Reply


  12. amber Reply

    I liked Betsy’s homework and it was called breaking free . she was really good at drumming.

  13. lucy and ben Reply

    Our favourite performance was Betsys because she was brilliant on the drums.
    Our favourite piece was Sophias because she got everyone involved.

  14. molly Reply

    I enjoyed Harvey’s pieces that was called ‘Green sleeves’ because it was very good for someone who hadn’t had much practise.I also liked Kian and Louie’s performance because it was a duet and that must have been hard it was called Good King Wenceslas.

  15. Joshua Reply

    I liked the piece of music that Harry chose (The chase.)because it was very cool!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Mollie (school council) Reply

    I also think that Helen’s is very imaginative. 🙂

  17. Joshua Reply

    I liked the piece of music that Harry chose (The chase.)because it was very cool! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Sara Reply

    I was really impressed when i heard Harvey’s song green sleeves. he actually played it.

  19. Jacob Reply

    I liked Sophia’s homework because it was quite funny.I also liked Oscar’s because the song was fast. 🙂 :O 😀 😉 ;D 😛

  20. Jasmine Reply

    I liked Molly’s because she was very brave in standing up in frount of everyone and singing and it was very nice.

  21. Sophia Reply

    I just want to say that i enjoyed everyone’s,but the ones who stood out to me where Masha’s and Lucy’s. Masha’s was a great family one that really got you in the Christmas spirit!The rhythm was nice .Lucy’s was very energetic and it was a great performance all round!

  22. Sara Reply

    i think that mine and all the class’s homework project were awesome especially Helen’s, Betsy’s, Sofia’s, Chelsey’s and Lucy’s.

  23. Helen Reply

    I enjoyed everybody’s homework they were individual and creative ideas.They were all very interesting

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