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A big thanks to Max for leading our PE warm-up so expertly today! We’ve been working on athletics and circuit activities (including skipping) recently – what skills have you gained?

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  1. Tom Reply

    Skiping is Still Hard for me but I tried and getting better at it.

  2. Leila Reply

    I could only skip a bit before but now I am better at it.

  3. rudy Reply

    I have learned to skip backwards.

  4. piran Reply

    I can throw the javelin much further now

  5. jordan Reply

    well done Max excellent warm up. LOL do it again next week. my skills I have gained are bending your arm far for javelin

  6. Lauren M Reply

    The skills I have gained is, doing more than I have ever done with batting the ball up in the air.

  7. Max R Reply

    I have gained many skills but i am amazed that i did a criss cross.

  8. devi Reply

    skipping backwards

  9. Ellie b Reply

    I have learned how to skip with a partner

  10. Nikoo Reply

    At P.E I have managed to gain a slight skill at the Speed bounce 🙂

  11. Euan Reply

    I have gained my skills on skipping!

  12. Lydia Reply

    I’ve learned how to cross-skip twice in a row. It’s not as impressive as Katie or anything, but I’m pleased I’ve got better at skipping! 🙂

  13. Caleb Reply

    I’ve got much better at speedbounce

  14. leo Reply

    i liked skipping and i got better at the cross thing that i did

  15. leo Reply

    i thought everyone did well

  16. leo Reply

    well done 😉 😀

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