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Sports Day…

It might not have been Summer as we know it, but the weather just about held up to allow Key Stage 2 Sports Day to take place on Friday morning. Every child displayed a fantastic positive attitude and I was really impressed with the encouragement towards other children, irrespective of what house a child was in, great sportsmanship and constant smiling faces. Class 8 really showed their sporting prowess with several fantastic performances across a range of events. Well done!


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  1. Jade

    It was very tiring but enjoyable at the same time

  2. Molly

    It was so much fun doing sports day

  3. Alexander Savkovic (Playground Buddy)

    I really enjoyed Sports Day and was really happy as I came 3rd in the climbing event. 🙂 😀 🙂

  4. Harvey

    My favorite event was the relay race as we (the Yellows) came 2nd. 😀

  5. OSC@R

    I really enjoyed sports day last Friday – yet again! 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  6. ben

    sports day was fun and I am happy the weather managed to hold out for ks 2

  7. kyran

    sports day was really fun.

  8. Eddy

    I had lots of fun and the wather was perfect-just right for a perfect sportsday! (come on, red!!!)

  9. leah

    i actually enjoyed sports day!!

  10. Eddy

    I had lots of fun and the weather was perfect-just right for a perfect sportsday! (come on, red!!!)

  11. mAnI !!

    In the 50 metre sprint I came 2nd and in the final I came 2nd .

  12. Janet

    I loved sports day and it was really awesome!I liked it so much.

  13. Chelsea

    I really enjoyed sports day because I did better in this year than I did in last years sports day. Also my house which is green did very well.

  14. Joe

    My favorite activity was beat the goalie! :0

  15. Ivy

    I had a very exciting sports day and seeming as it was my last one, I made the most of it!

  16. SsamvSaykgjhjt9ofqkv

    I loved javelin . 🙁 – I HATE

    • Sam Salter

      I hate the wind

  17. Nicola

    I really enjoyed Sports Day! The green team (my team) came first in the rely race!

  18. abi

    I think that this sports day was best !

  19. Aruma

    Well done to everyone who won something in sports day!!!


    i really liked sports day

  21. Kyle

    Sports day was very fun and the events were very interesting and i hope everyone had a lot of fun. XD

  22. stanley

    It was the best sports day ever


    i really liked sports day the climbing event was awesome

  24. Amalie