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Summer Term Topic Ignitions!

Posted On 01 May 2023
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It has been a busy start to the Summer term here at Park Grove. The children were extremely lucky to be recently involved in drama workshops run by Mud Pie Arts to ignite their topics ‘In the jungle’ and ‘Maafa’ which was a fantastic experience had by all!


For EYFS and KS1 children, they had a drama workshop based on the jungle. They mimicked the sounds of jungle animals turning themselves into: toucans, orangutans, insects and even snakes. They really sounded just like the jungle! After that they learnt all about how orangutans learn to survive in the jungle and what the mothers teach the babies to be able to survive. They did lots of fun games such as pretending to walk like orangutans, jump from trees, search for fruit, search for termites and even pretended to search one another for bugs! They learnt how rainforests and jungles are being cut down to make space for farming and using the trees for resources. They heard a little cry from a baby orangutan so went on a hunt around the gym (jungle!) They luckily found the baby orangutan just in time and brought it back to safety. They discussed how they would care for the orangutan and how they would teach the baby to survive in the jungle.


KS2 children had an informative drama workshop to ignite their ‘Maafa’ topic. They explored two important African kingdoms, the Kingdom of Aksum and Kingdom of Benin. They played a trading game as the Aksumites were fantastic traders, trading with Romans, Egyptians and Indians to flourish as a civilisation for around 1000 years. They then learnt about the Kingdom of Benin and the importance of the Oba. The children worked brilliantly together to carry out the dramatic tasks – well done!

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