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How did your first swimming lesson go? What did you do in the session?

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  1. Osc@r Reply

    I am happy with the group I was put in and am strongly looking forward to Monday’s session! We went through all different strokes neglecting butterfly in the time we had.

  2. Molly Reply

    It was great I really enjoyed it.

  3. leah Reply

    My first lesson went very well and I’ve been enjoying the swimming lessons ever since.

  4. Louie Reply

    I was in the same group as most of my friends so I’m really happy with the group I’m tin. We did all of the main strokes e.g front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke but we didn’t do butterfly. 🙂 🙂

  5. Janet Reply

    In my first swimming lesson, I had loads of fun even though it was a short lesson.

  6. Stanley Reply

    I was excited about going swimming and I look forward to swimming every week

  7. Amalie Reply

    I am very confident in swimming, although I may make the odd mistake once, rarely.

  8. lauren Reply

    I am pleased with the group I got put in and I am looking forward to Monday. Miss Grainger made us do some widths of front crawl.

  9. mani Reply

    My favourite strokes are craw,l backstroke and butterfly 🙂 but I don’t like breaststroke. 🙁

  10. Avalon Reply

    I am also happy with the group i got put in because then i get better at swimming and learn more about swimming!

  11. H@rvey Reply

    I am happy and pleased with my group and I enjoy swimming a lot.

  12. Travis Reply

    Swimming isn’t really I would say my strong point, although it is really fun once you get going. I hate how cold the pool is when you first get in. :/

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