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Remember your swimming kit on Monday!

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    So how did swimming go today? Did you all enjoy it?

  2. Erin Reply

    I love swimming!!

  3. Bethan Reply

    The swimming was great fun and I really enjoyed it can’t wait for next week!

  4. Mae Reply

    i love swimming i do it two days in a row because i do swimming on sunday

  5. Aidan Reply

    Great really good

  6. mae Reply

    i wish we could have longer sesions

  7. oleg Reply

    I’m really enjoying swimming and I want to do it every day from now on because its really fun.

  8. ava Reply

    swimming is awesome!!!!

  9. Molly Reply

    I love swimming and I am in the top group so I am working hard

  10. Mae Reply

    I’m in the second top group, our group has loads of people in it so we take turns!!! AWSOME!!!

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