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The Cosmodome!

At the start of this half term, KS2 had their ignition surprise to start off their new topic of space. York University’s inflatable planetarium, the Cosmodome, was set up in our gym with their space expert, Phil, on hand to guide each KS2 class through an exploration of the planets and outer space. Elliott from Class 9 has written this report…

“When we went into the Cosmodome, we saw and learned the names of many different constellations such as the plough and how to locate the North star. We also asked many questions about Betelgeuse, the star (none came unanswered) and learned the name of the closest galaxy. As well as that, we saw of the sun and all the planets while learning many facts about them, we even saw Pluto! The cosmodome was great fun and very educational. I would definitely recommend it because it got everybody interested in space and was a great start for our space topic.”

Many thanks to York University for this!


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