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Tudor Party Extravaganza!

Well done everyone for a fantastic Tudor themed party today! I was so impressed with your costumes, table tennis skills, space hopping talents and of course your fabulous singing and dancing!


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What were your highlights?


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  1. Owen Reply

    I really liked the table tennis(although it was really hard). But most of all I loved the eating and dancing.

  2. reuben Reply

    I enjoyed everthing, it was EPIC

  3. Naia Remon Reply

    Hello!I`v seen the pictures and there are pretty nice

  4. Mollie Reply

    I loved doing the space hopper racing and the table tennis version of the spanish armada.I especially liked doing the conga all the way into our classrooms!

  5. louie Reply

    i am gutted that i lost table tennis!

  6. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I loved everything apart from the space hoppers because it was embarrassing!

  7. Sophie Reply

    I LOVED all of it especily the table tennis that was so cool.

  8. Bethan (school council) Reply

    It’s too hard to chose! It was honestly one of the best days in my life!

  9. Lewkas Reply

    I liked watching the table tennis! Also, I…well… liked the space hoppers!

  10. Ella Reply

    I liked the table tennis the most but it was very hard.

  11. Isla Reply

    I loved it all especially the table tennis it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Helen Reply

    It was extremely fun but the table tennis was the best.

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