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Tudors – What do you know about them?

Tell me something you know already about the Tudors.

Mr Staite

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  1. Lilliana Reply

    (I think) King Henry V111 was about and had 6 wives.

  2. leah Reply

    I’m not sure what I know about them. 🙁
    but I’d like to know about them 😉

  3. Gaurie Reply

    Henry the 8th had 6 wives and 1 mesaly son but he died before he could spend time with his son.

  4. olivia Reply

    i am not sure but my famliy know A LOT about Tudor times

  5. kenzie Reply


  6. Emma Reply

    I do not no anything about tudors yet

  7. Tom c and Kyle Reply

    one of the kings was called henry the 8th.

  8. Emma Reply

    I do not anything about tudors.

  9. Eddy Reply

    King henry 8th was king and had 6 wives but killed them except one because he died before.(I think.)

  10. Oliver P Reply

    I know that the first Tudor monarch was Henry VII. My dad told me that about 300 people were burnt to death by Mary I.

  11. nicola Reply

    henry the eighth had six wives one was called cathrine howord.

  12. nicola Reply

    our topic is fun.allthough the tudors are a bit hard to learn about.

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