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Nearly the end of the first week already!

We are reaching the end of our first week in Class 9. How has your week gone?

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  1. admin Reply

    I’ve been really busy.
    Mr Staite

  2. Isabella Reply

    My first week in Class 9 has been brilliant.

  3. Sam Reply

    Lovely week. Can’t wait until high adventure.

  4. George Reply

    My week has gone very well so far,at first i was quite nervous about going back to school but now i am loving it!!

  5. Sam Reply

    Just went into year 6 and I can’t wait until high adventure.

  6. Mae Reply

    This weeks been good looking farward to swimming and the rest of the year

  7. Molly Reply

    It has been a very exciting to meet new people.

  8. Jaydon Reply

    I’v had a fantstic week. I can’t wait to go on the trip i’m so excited.

  9. Robert Reply


  10. Marshall Reply

    My week was really good so far hope it stays like this for the rest of the year

  11. William Reply

    I have been working really hard. Love the new English topic which is in fact ghost stories.

  12. Robert Reply

    I was scarecd to be in year6

  13. Moya Reply

    This week has gone by in a flash! I have really enjoyed meeting the new people and my new teacher.

  14. Jasmine Reply

    I have enjoyed my self I really like my class and teachers and I cant wait till high adventure!

  15. Archie Reply

    The week has been amazing, my favourite lesson so far has been maths.

  16. Miss Ramsay Reply

    I have had a fantastic first week in Class 9. I’m really looking forward to a having a great year with you all.

  17. Bethan Reply

    My first week in Class 9 has been different and a bit strange but on the whole,great.The teachers and teaching assistants are awesome!!

  18. Ava Reply

    I am enjoying class 9 and I think I will really like this class because my teachers are really nice.

  19. William Reply

    It was lots of fun because we did science and maths!!!

  20. Emile Reply

    My first week has been great! I really enjoyed the lessons and I’m already getting back into school after a long Summer holiday! I like my new class a lot and I’m in with loads of my friends. Over all I have really enjoyed my first week!

  21. Tomas Reply

    I hope i enjoy this year and have lots of friends

  22. Erin Reply

    Class 9 is awesome! I have enjoyed every lesson and all the teachers and helpers are really kind and helpful.

  23. Jacob Reply

    The week so far has gone well and I liked the science.

  24. Nicole Reply

    I have really enjoyed the holidays, but being back at school is fun. Mrs Steel is a very nice teacher and I have had lots to catch up on with my friends.

  25. Emile Reply

    My first week in class 9 has been great! I really enjoyed all the lessons and I am in a class with lots of my friends, the school has welcomed us all back from a long summer and I’m already getting into school again! Over all I have had a great first week!

  26. Aidan Reply

    I’ve had a great first week. The Tudors will be a great and very interesting.

  27. Libby Reply

    To Mrs Steel,

    I have enjoyed the week even though it has gone so fast. I like meeting my new teachers and the new people:)

    From Libby 🙂

  28. Oleg Reply

    It was really fun because we were doing science also a ghost story setting

  29. Abby Reply



  30. Skye Reply

    In Class 9 all the teachers and helpers are very nice. The lessons are very good and I think I will like being in this Class.

  31. Thomas Reply

    I am back after a great Summer holiday. So far I really like it in class 9.

  32. Bethan Reply

    I love this class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  33. Mae Reply

    I know it’s way past the first week but I just wanted to say this class is the best!

  34. Mr Mastrelli Reply

    I think you are getting Class 9 mixed up with Class 5 Mae!

  35. Mae Reply

    We’ll see about that won’t we Mr.Mastrelli.

  36. Mae Reply

    may the best class be the best class

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