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Wicked Wellbeing Wednesday!

Today in Class 9 we have had a great day understanding different aspects of our Health and Wellbeing.

We developed our knowledge of the five food groups, recognising that our bodies needs nutrients to function and what it takes to have a healthy and balanced diet. With this knowledge, we then created our own super salads, focusing on using a variety of the different food groups. They were a great success – who knew that salad could be so delicious?!

After our (second!) lunch, we then burned off some calories by exercising with Fight Fit Kidz and showed off our best Kung-fu kicks! We then moved onto our English, creating persuasive posters explaining how important the UN’s Global Goals are before finally engaging in an important assembly by the Samaritans. From this, we understood that little things can build up and up, like a balloon gets bigger, until one day it might pop – so it is important for our emotional wellbeing to be able to let a little air out of our balloon and take our mind away from these pressures.

All in all – a very busy, but very enjoyable day in Class 9!

Class 9 – what did you enjoy most about making your salads? Were there any ingredients you will use in a salad from now on?

Did you enjoy our Fight Fit Kidz session? What did you take from our Samaritans assembly?

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  1. Mai

    I really liked the fight fitness lesson

  2. Aaron

    I engoid the s alad it was yumy 😀 😀

  3. Aaron


  4. Freddie

    what did you guys think about the salad? personally Aarons right.

  5. Freddie

    I recommend doing this at home I memorised all ingredients pretty much.

  6. Freddie

    is the kids in fight fit kids spelt kidz?

  7. Freddie

    I think that the salad was delicious and I want to do more things like this.

  8. Freddie

    It has been a sporty week of which has flown ahead of my own memory.

  9. OSC@R

    The salad was the tastiest thing… I am SOOO making it at home! 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  10. kian

    I really enjoyed making the salad because it was delicious.

  11. jasmine

    i really enjoyed wellbeing week as it was fun to do especially the fight for kids lesson and making the super healthy salad!

  12. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy)

    I wish I wasn’t ill so I could’ve made a salad.

  13. Manon

    I loved today

  14. Manon

    We made our own healthy, nutritious salads and got to eat them

  15. Manon

    ( I think ours tasted scrumptious. And if anyone doesn’t like salads, then you must now?)

  16. Manon

    I told mynmum all the ingredients, so we are going to make the salad at home.

  17. Manon

    Along with some more home-cooked recipes like cornflake crunch and homemade burgers!(And an apple Crumble for my homework)

  18. Manon

    The fight fit kids was really fun too. Personally I enjoyed doing all the streches.

  19. Manon

    And everyone’s poster looked good too. Well done!

  20. Manon

    Ithink that the Samaritans assembley was a nice way to finish off the day.(Also,I knew the Lady Diana. She’s very thoughtful!)