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World Cup Stickers!


The Football World Cup in Brazil starts in a mere 10 days time!  To commemorate this huge event we are trying to complete the official Panini World Cup sticker album!

If you have any spare stickers you would like to donate, please come to Class 5.

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  1. Helen Reply

    I would like to collect them but I can’t.

  2. Lucas Reply

    I would like to get Neymar Jr

    • Freddie Reply

      ye me to lucas.

  3. reuben Reply

    I am looking forward to the world cup

  4. Ella Reply

    I shall bring some on Thursday probably.

    • Mr Mastrelli Reply
  5. Sam Salter Reply

    I’m going to bring as many stickers as I can!

  6. stan Reply

    I will try to get a pack or two

  7. Millie+Chelsea Reply

    If we get a double we’ll bring them in…

  8. Shannon Reply

    Come on !! we need to complete the sticker album !

  9. Onett Reply

    I know that I cannot collect plenty of them but i’m sure that my mother will give me a pack if I ask her.

  10. Betsy Leach Reply

    I will see If I have any spear at home.

  11. Freddie Reply

    I’m afraid I only collect mach attax : ‘ )

  12. harry metcalf Reply

    My favourite team in the world cup team is Germany,Brazil,Argentina and Portugal.
    You have lots of stickers.

  13. Charlie Reply

    I would like to help but i can’t because my mum will not let me but i think i can still help because my dad might let me.

  14. Mollie Reply

    I got a packet of world cup stickers when I was in Edinburgh so I will try and bring them in.

  15. Lucy and Scarlet Reply

    I hope i can get some stickers to collect in the Brazil sticker book!I might be able to get some with my dad!?
    i really wish i could get stickers but my mum and dad don’t let me.I will try my best to get some stickers with my grandparents.

  16. Sophia and Minnie Reply

    I have already donated 1 pack!!

  17. lewkas holt Reply

    Sorry,I won’t be able to bring any!

  18. Sophie Reply

    I will see if I can collect some stickers.

  19. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    Mr Mastrelli.I saw a magazine and it had the sticker book and three packets of stickers in it for £2.99 and I’m going to buy it with my one money!Also I only have to go down my lane and turn two corners to get to Cost Cutter which has the “Fifa World cup” stickers!

  20. Lucas Reply

    I might bring some in.

  21. ben Reply

    i only collect match attacks 🙁

  22. Mollie Reply

    I will try and get a few packets of fifa world cup stickers and bring them in as soon as I can.

  23. Stan Reply

    I will try to bring some in

  24. Charlie Reply

    I am gonna try and bring some in soon even though my mum will not let me

  25. Millie Reply

    I’ll try to donate atleast one more pack

  26. Ella Reply

    I shall try to bring as many as I can in.

  27. Sophie Lavers Reply

    I hope we fill the sticker book before the end of the world cup!!

  28. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    Now I’ve got the packet but I need to catch up with other people!

  29. Sara Reply

    my mum said that I will buy the world cup stickers.

  30. Lucia and Chelsea Reply

    Lucia says,

    I have the sticker album and only need 169 more to fill the album.


    I will bring in some more stickers in and I have lionel Messi.

  31. Betsy Leach Reply

    I will try to bring some stickers in.

  32. Shannon Reply

    I might be able to bring some stickers in !!

  33. reuben pugh Reply

    I have got 8 packs altogether.

  34. Minnie Reply

    I have donated quite alot of stickers lately over the past few days and going to get some swaps back from class5.

  35. Helen Reply

    I think that I can collect some stickers now.

  36. Chelsea Reply

    I gt Lionel Messi last night now I have got him twice.

  37. logan Reply

    I dont buy for class’5 only my sticker book for england

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