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Year 5 Playhouse Project!

Well done to all our Year 5s for their fantastic performance at the York Theatre Royal! The Year 5s have been working hard on this playhouse project for weeks, and on the evening of July 9th, all their efforts were realised when they brought their performance of Ginger Jones and the Sultan’s Eye to life. Here is a short report from Class 9 members Chloe and Dylan:

“The Year 5s have been improving their drama skills by showing others a fabulous performance. During rehearsals, we adapted our performance to ensure our play was as good as possible whilst using a range of props and costumes which we provided our selves.

On the day of the dress rehearsal many of us felt excited as it was the first time we were showing a play to an audience. We really enjoyed performing in front of an audience and we found the teachers and pupils comments beneficial and inspiring.

When we arrived at the theatre, the Year 5s were really nervous but excited. When we saw the studio and where we would perform we couldn’t wait for the performance to begin!

The Year 5s found the playhouse project inspiring and fun, and the whole playhouse project was a fantastic opportunity to improve our drama skills.”

Well done to all our Year 5’s for their amazing production!

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