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Yorkshire Museum

We had a fabulous trip to the Yorkshire Museum on Tuesday!  What were your favourite bits?

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  1. Mollie Reply

    I liked looking at all the animals and dinosaur skeletons, especially the Icthyosaur! 😉 🙂

  2. lewkas Reply

    My favorite was the Deinosuchus skeleiton.

  3. Betsy Reply

    I liked the dinosaur foot print part where you have to find the foot prints.

  4. Louie and Helen Reply

    Helen:I liked the part were we Looked at different dinosaur teeth and stones.

    Louie:I really liked the all of it especially teeth and the quiz.

  5. MANI Reply

    I like Icthyosaurs’ . 😉

  6. Chelsea Reply

    My favourite parts were when we saw the giant icthyosaurs and the deer skull.:)

  7. Millie :) says Reply

    My favourite bit was the dinosaur foot print piece of rock thing!

    My least favourite thing was the stuffed animals!

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