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Young Voices 2019!

This year was Park Grove’s fourth year taking part in Young Voices, now the worlds largest school based choir. After weeks of hard work and rehearsal time put in by our own choir, we set off on January 10th 2019 for the fantastic concert at Sheffield arena. It is such a brilliant day for everybody involved, and Connie, Poppy and Fearn have written this report of the day to share with you:

Young Voices 2019!

After weeks of practice it was finally the big day. When we got into the DSA arena, all the schools walked up many steps to get to their seats. Then after a few minutes the whole arena went silent and it was time to start practising. We all then got introduced to the conductor Mr Lawrence. Don’t worry – later on that day we got to meet Andy too! We then got started learning the songs and the dance moves. We practised hours on end to make it a perfect as possible for the families that were coming to watch their children. We also got to see all the special guests that were going to perform in the performance that night and got to listen to them rehearse what they were going to sing. Everyone in the arena was screaming with excitement when all the special guests started to sing! Also in the practise we got to listen to a special message from the one and only Hugh Jackman – the Greatest Showman himself – that he had recorded especially for Young Voices! After we finished practising the songs and dance moves we all ate our dinner and then it was time to wait. It took ages for all the adults to get into the arena…

Finally, after hours and hours of endless practise the big moment was almost staring. Thousands of parents were all gathering together to witness the eye-catching performance. All of a sudden, the lights flicked off, the arena turned black and the stadium fell silent. The show was starting. Bright lights snapped on making every child out of four-thousand five-hundred and twenty-seven overwhelmed with amazement. As quick as it took us to take a deep breath, the conductor (Mr Lawrence) waved his stick as the music started to play and we all began to sing the first ever song of Young Voices 2019: ‘Thank you for the days’. We sang many catchy songs such as Pop medley, Moana mashup and much more until the drastic end of the fantastic show, where we sang our hearts out to a Greatest Showman finale, made possible by the young voices choir of 2019.

Thoughts and feelings of Young Voices 2019…

On Thursday 10th January many students from Park Grove Primary Academy went on a trip to sheffield arena. This was because we were on are way to perform as the Young Voices 2019 Choir. We were extremely excited and ready to perform. When we got there we practised for a couple of hours and then it was time. There were many different schools their performing with us – four-thousand five-hundred and twenty-seven to be exact – and more than one thousand adults watching and joining in with are wonderful singing. Poppy Vint stated, “ It looked amazing when the lights turned out and you saw everyone using their torches.” We all agreed that it was an incredible performance and it looked amazing when everyone had their mini torches waving them about in the distance. It definitely was the greatest show and one we will always remember!


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