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Your thoughts on life in Class 5…

I have been very impressed with all of you this week! I hope you are enjoying life in Class 5.

What do you like most about Class 5?

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  1. Manon Reply

    I like that you get french every Thursday and get harder maths.

  2. Sophie Reply

    There are alot of thoughts of class five.

  3. Sophie Reply

    One of them is doing lots of P.E and learning hard maths!

    • Betsy Reply

      Class5 Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mollie Reply

    I love everything!!!!!I especially love English and writing
    so I can work hard and get my pen licence!!!

  5. reuben Reply

    CLASS 5 IS BRILLIANT. But today’s maths was hard.

  6. Sophia Reply

    Thanks for making my first week back at Park grove so much fun! I am enjoying class 5!

  7. Manon Reply

    You’re right about class 5 being the best in the whole school.
    It’s so fun!

  8. Onett Reply

    I love the very hard problem solving and
    the science topic healthy eating.
    I like to play too!

  9. Minnie Cotton Reply

    Mr Mastrelli is the best ever and your right class 5 is the best everrrrrrrrrrr .

  10. Minnie Cotton Reply

    class 5 is brilliant Mr Mastrelli gives us hard work ever .

  11. Sophie Reply

    I love class 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mr Mastrelli Reply

    I’m glad you do Sophie. It really is the best class!

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