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500 Words…

It has been fantastic reading all the excellent entries that you have sent me over half term for the 500 word competition.

What is your story about? Which steps to success (that we created as a class) do you think you have used successfully?

Remember the deadline to enter is Tuesday 24th March!

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  1. Layla Reply

    My story’s about a girl called Ella and she is moving house and she has a power.

  2. Dan Reply

    My story for the 500 words is really good but it is just to long

  3. Zuzanna Reply

    My story is based on flying pigs! I think I have used a range of punctuation in my writing and adverbs

  4. Molly Reply

    i will send it in tonight i thought i sent it mine is called the old london nightmere it about a girl called bella and she has a dream and ends up in a wierd place…

  5. Dylan Reply

    i enjoyed writting my five hundred words but mine still neads finshing:)

  6. Olivia Reply

    My story is about three best friends and they go on a camping trip together and everything goes horrifically wrong!
    I think I have used quite a few things that is on our steps to success but right now I can’t remember any!

  7. Jacob Reply

    My story is an astronauts diary!

  8. Gaurie Reply

    My story is about a person who decides to run away from the home he was put into(The one you are put into in the country to save you from the Germans),to get back to his mum, in world war 2. He jumps into the bushes and sleeps there for the night. When he wakes up he is he is in the middle of the fire so he runs madly away from the fire and ends up in a clearing were he feels he is being watched by hungry eyes… :O

  9. William Reply

    My story is about a robbery and how a 17 year old saves the day!

  10. mae Reply

    mine is about a dentist who is related to the queen.

  11. Klaudia Reply

    My story is a Diary Of A Horse

  12. dominic Reply

    my is about boy called jack and he has to save Christmas because Santa has fallen into his house and his sleigh has gone missing 🙂

  13. Holly Reply

    I’ve really loved writing my 500 words story because I got to put humor in when it was needed. Also I liked the phrases that appeared in my story.

    Successfully, I used some complex sentences, described my characters and the setting. As well as that, I used lots of other features in the piece of imaginative writing.

    • Holly Reply

      Also, I had a bit of trouble with my amount of words because at one point, I went over 500 words.

  14. Oleg Reply

    My story will be that my door is a special door and when I walk through I turn into anything I fink off

  15. mae Reply

    it was hard but i managed to get it exactly on 500 words.

  16. Jaimie Reply

    My story is basically about a girl who is an orphan called Anna. In the end she is killed but of course there is a lot more description in between. I think I used my senses effectively.

  17. Joseph Reply

    Mine is about me getting superpowers and protecting earth. 🙂

  18. Katy Reply

    Mine is about a girl who has many deep thoughts and ends up thinking that life was once a story book! 🙂

  19. jake Reply

    my’s a life in minecraft:)

  20. Tom Reply

    I really liked righting my 500 words.

  21. Ava Reply

    Mine is called “It was a DISASTER!”

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