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A busy week… amazing homework… now for some games!

Hi Class 6!

I hope you have all had a great week at school!

We have had an action-packed week which included seeing all of your fabulous homework projects, completing our two-day pedestrian training and learning about quadrilaterals today!

We even squeezed in playing Manon’s dinosaur loop game (with lots of very difficult names to pronounce!).

Your new homework is to design a dinosaur inspired game which is going to be such fun! I’m already looking forward to playing your games during the last week of this half term. I hope some of you choose to make a maths game!

What do you think you might choose to design…?

– Miss Land.

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  1. Sophie Reply

    I know what i’m going to do but i’m going to keep it a secret so that nobody else copies my idea but it is going to be very complicated!

    • class6 Reply

      I wonder if there’ll be a mathematical element to it…?

  2. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I know what I’m making but it is a suprise! :):) 🙂

    • class6 Reply

      You are keeping us in suspense…!

  3. Beatrice Reply

    I might do a dinosaur domino game.

    • class6 Reply

      That sounds fun Beatrice!

  4. georgia owen Reply

    hi miss land I am having a good time with mi home work. from Georgia bi miss land

  5. class6 Reply

    We’re looking forward to playing it!

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