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A sneak peek…

The rehearsals for the Year 5 and 6 play are drawing to an end.  Here is a sneak peek before the performances on Monday and Tuesday.  We hope you’ll enjoy it!


teaser class 8

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  1. leo Reply

    I’m enjoying it so far and I got two good parts

  2. huw Reply

    I’m loving my part in the play and finding it really fun.

  3. Ellie P Reply

    I’ve loved practicing the play and I’m really nervous about performing it!

  4. Darby Oliver Reply

    I am really enjoying it and i hope it stays as good for the upcoming performances.

  5. Edward Reply

    I think we have a fantastic play and I think the parents will love it.

  6. cameron Reply

    I love being a witch

  7. Morgan Reply

    I’m really enjoying the play so far.

  8. Amira Reply

    It has really come together and the costumes look amazing!

  9. Euan Reply

    I loved doing the dress rehearsal, I like my part of being a Little John child even though I am the only boy Little John child, and I can not wait for tonight!

  10. Lauren Reply

    Thank you Miss Bird for all the amazing costumes they are fabulous 🙂

  11. Toby Reply

    I really enjoy being Prince John! Acting evil is something I could do all day. It just feels so natural…

  12. dev Reply

    the costumes and props that people made are amazing

  13. Amy Reply

    I’d like the play some much but we should thank miss bird because she made the costumes which add that brilliance to the play.

  14. Alfie Reply

    I really like being in The Hotshot team.

  15. Leila Reply

    It is getting together brilliantly and I can’t wait to show it to the parents.

  16. Max R Reply

    I’ve enjoyed the play and can’t wait to perform it! It’s going so well.

  17. Josh Reply

    i’m really enjoying the play hope it goes well

  18. Katie Reply

    The costumes are brilliant and the play is fantastic.

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